Monday, 1 December 2014

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

Had a good weekend.. watched England beat the Aussies at rugby (about time they won a game) in the Anchor with Gordon and Dot, there was a noisy group of lads out for a birthday bash on the next table who noisily sang English football chants, I did ask if they knew the English rugby anthem 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot'  but although they reckoned they knew all wasn't forth coming. They all left before half time, now we could hear the TV commentary. A theory of how a slave song became a rugby anthem can be found here. click

We had Sunday lunch in The Holly Bush with new neighbours Sharon and Richard, afterwards we were welcomed aboard their beautifully appointed boat Oakapple for coffee. Engine room envy ensued.

Monday it was arse up head down the engine 'ole (you can see why I get engine room envy) to try and find out where an annoying coolant leak was coming from, spent a couple of hours down there cleaning out the bilge and checking/tightening hoses, unions and bolts. It's all dry at the moment so fingers crossed. I'll run the engine up to temperature and check down there again tomorrow.

NB's Two Jays and Klara are back in the marina today, it's always a pleasure  to see Jim, Joan, Roly and Bev.

I had 4 x 5ltr cans of old engine oil from FL's oil changes to get rid of so took them to the local amenity site. Unfortunately they are closed Monday and Tuesday so will have to hang on to it for a bit longer.

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