Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Oil, a leak and a ferry

Today I set about changing the oil and filter on our Vetus engine. The Vetus engine doesn't have a sump pump fitted and using the small brass type hand pump via the dip stick tube has always been a messy job so I have invested in one of these syphon pumps, a few pumps on the handle and leave it to cleanly suck all the oil from the sump, it has a pouring spout to empty it in to an empty can.

The syphon pump.

While checking around the engine I found a leak from the bottom of the heat exchanger unit, I will have to remove it, clean and check it to see if it needs replacing.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Isle of Man to collect the car, a bus to Stafford, train to Liverpool Parkway, bus to John Lennon airport and Easy Jet to IOM. Returning Thursday via the Ferry into Heysham at midnight.

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