Tuesday, 3 June 2014


After servicing the boat we left Wigrams, we waited in the marina entrance while a boat coming from Warwick took the turn to Braunston. We are making our way towards Banbury for a few days before returning to leave the boat in Wigrams for 3 weeks while we go home to dog sit two Labradors while our daughter goes on holiday.

We got a heads up from Gary of Muleless about the closure of lock 14 of the Napton flight for repair, we plan to moor before the flight, only moving to the other side of Napton Hill.

Napton on Hill

Windmill on top.


Once moored Sue got busy in the galley baking cookies and bread while I sanded down the well deck, applied rust proofer, tomorrow I will start the priming, undercoat and top coats. 

Fellow bloggers Muleless moored in front of us, I had a boaty chat with Gary while Della went to check on how long before the lock was fixed, good news the lock was fixed and they set off up the flight.

Well deck rust being removed.

Rust inhibitor applied.
Sue and I walked up to the Folly Inn for two glass's of Old Hookey, steak and ale pie and a gammon and chips, it was all delicious.

After dinner we walked the lock flight to have a look at the on going repairs to lock 10 after the wall collapsed last month and a look at the African beasts in the adjacent fields.

Looks a bit Heath- Robinson.

Mozzarella producing Water Buffalo

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