Thursday, 26 June 2014

Leaving the rock.

I have been itching to get back on board FL to get some work finished during this good spell of weather, jobs on the house and garden are real chores to me now but on the boat the maintenance is so much more pleasurable.

It has been nice seeing friends and neighbours, one of our dearest friends and next door neighbour Pat is leaving the home she has known most of her life today, a big wrench for this brave lady, her beautiful garden which she has tended so diligently has now become too much for this independent septuagenarian, we will never forget coming home in the dark to find her tending her plants with torch and trowel. Even more memorable was being invited to Pats church where we enjoyed listening to a relative of Elvis Presley, during the show a camcorder fell from the balcony above and narrowly missed my pate, a sign from above perhaps.

Pat popped around yesterday to say goodbye and presented us with  a beautiful leather bound book 'Daily Light on the Daily Path' which we will be taking on our journey aboard FL. We will keep in touch and we wish her happiness and peaceful enjoyment in her new home.

Tonight we will be having a meal with friends Scott and Laura at La Mona Lisa in Laxey. We haven't seen them for more than a year, so we are looking forward to the catch up.

Tomorrow I will be back on FL to get on with those chores, the smell of new varnish and paint will have dispersed before Sue arrives on Wednesday next week to make sure the work is up to standard. Sue has done a Sainsbury's delivery to the marina for tomorrow evening so I wont starve.

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