Thursday, 5 June 2014

Fenny Compton

The birds around here were still chirping away at gone midnight, they must of been asleep all day during the deluge and decided to do the night shift.

After yesterdays soaking today is sunny, I put an undercoat of paint on the well deck, then we prepared FL for the off, have to make the most of it as the forecast is for rain for a few days. A blustery breeze was blowing but it was warm in the shelter of hills and canal side hedgerows.

The Dog Rose is out in full bloom in the hedgerows.

We only cruised for an hour passing the site of the  medieval village of Wormleighton, the canal cuts through one end of a rectangular moat to a long gone manor house, the village was abandoned when the manor house was burned down during the English civil war in 1645. Wormleighton manor house and village were resurrected in the 19 century a mile away on a hill.

Wormleighton manor house 
The twist and turns in this isolated part of the Oxford canal more than treble the crow flight distance we have to travel to reach our mooring at Fenny Compton.

Fenny Compton moorings.

While Sue made our Scottish themed tea of Haggis Neaps and Tatties I wondered down to dispose of a bag of rubbish, the rubbish receptacle happens to be in the Wharf Inn car park, it would of been rude of me not to pop in and say hello, a small glass of Black Sheep was had in the garden watching the boats go by.

The forecast has changed we are now going to have a second sunny day

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