Monday, 29 July 2019

Black Sabbath

Went through one of my favourite locks on the Thames today, although called Mapledurham lock it is actually in the village of Purley which is on the south bank of the river, in Berkshire, not Oxfordshire. 
In 1956 it was the first lock to be mechanised using an electromechanical system, it was converted to hydraulic power in the early 1970s.

Mapledurham Lock today.
The original lock cottage has been demolished, a new one has been built on the opposite side of the lock, the lock chamber appears to have been extended and raised by a step or two.

Heres a useless snippet of information
The still functioning Mapledurham mill  was pictured on the sleeve of Black Sabbath's first album in 1970
Black Sabbath's first album sleeve.

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Carol said...

Hi both,
How much longer are you spending on the Thames?

We've come up north to the canals for a few weeks and have noticed quite a few narrowboats have gone south to the Thames! Just our luck.

We should be back to Still Rockin' at Goring week commencing 11th August and would love to meet up if you're still around.