Sunday, 26 May 2019

Game of Thrones

My favourite chandlers is closing its doors next month. Staff were always willing to help with enquires, one time helping me separate a stuck PRV valve from its connection so I could renew it.  The boat building side of the business - Wharf narrowboats - will relocate to Braunston marina.
Braunston chandlers at bottom lock.
Unfortunately their stock of Craftmasterpaints was almost depleted, I will now have to find another supplier.

We planned a trip to Crick boat show the following day where I was able to get some of the paint I required as Craftmasterpaints are a regular exhibitor there. One of FL's colours- light grey- has been discontinued but can be made to order.

G.O.T. seen at the show -... registered at Winterfell
 This year it only took us two hours at the show to see all we wanted, a quick half in the Red Lion and another in the Wheatsheaf before our taxi home.

This low flying military aircraft shattered a peaceful afternoon.

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