Friday, 24 May 2019

Boat for sale

From the Coventry canal we turned 180 degrees through Hawkesbury junction and on to the North Oxford canal. 

Couldn't manage to get this clip the right way round
The new Houlton to Rugby link bridge.

We have travelled down from Stone with Roly & Bev, they are continuing on the Grand union, a final cruise on NB Klara to put her up for sale with Rugby boats.  If you are in the market for a stunning narrowboat contact Rugby boats. Get in quick it won't be around long once it is videoed and uploaded to their site.

Sue and I helped getting Klara through Braunston locks. I was at the tiller while the rest of the crew worked paddles and gates...

.....even Bev.

You got to let go soon Roly

You can overfill a lock

After Braunston we moved on to the South Oxford for a week so I could do some rubbing down & painting of the starboard rear panel while moored in a quiet spot near Flecknoe 

Another six panels to do.


Northernmost point of the South Oxford canal

Crop spraying by hand.

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