Tuesday, 21 August 2018


At Autherley Junction we turned to port and on to the Staffordshire and Worcester canal. A very narrow section guides us down to and under the M54 motorway, we carried on until the traffic noise abated to moored beside Lower Laches farms field of longhorns.

Up early and away by 08:30, we didn't see another boat on the move until we reached Gailey top lock four miles away. 

FL slid into Brick Kiln lock fine, then the throttle cable decided to snap. I was kicking myself as I have been meaning to purchase a just in case spare for ages but never got around to it. The gear cable is identical, so foolish not have a spare on board. Anyway we waited four hours for a RCR engineer to arrive and fit one for us.
Brick Kiln lock.

That sorted we carried on to Penkridge and had a tasty burger and a drink in The Boat

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