Sunday, 22 July 2018


A half hour cruise from Aston lock there is a quiet mooring, we made use of it for a couple of days. 

Through the hedge view 

FL moored at Burston

For when the gates shut

Part of the nature trail 

There are some nature trails around Burston, we stayed a couple of days before moving to Tixall for a day. Next morning after a quick trip to the farm shop we set off west along the Staffordshire & Worcester canal.

View of the river Sow from Milford Aqueduct

Deptmore lock.

Shady mooring spot
Under the M6 motorway, Longford bridge in the distance

Longford lock.
I was contacted by Ann who worked in the same office as me at Heathrow back in the 90's for a meet up ..... she was visiting the Isle of Man. Hopefully catch up another time.

At Tixall I also met up briefly with a skipper who worked at Nobles Hospital while I was there, I have completely forgotten her name and wish I had my camera with me to take a picture for the blog of NB Chug and crew. 

Boat wash at this lock

Approaching Gailey lock.

The narrows
Entering the Shropshire union  stop lock from Autherley junction.

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Unknown said...

Hi Andy, only just discovered I can leave a comment! It was great to see you at Tixall Wide a few weeks ago when we briefly said hello. I worked as ward clerk on ward 11/12. Sue from NB Chug