Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Engine Temperature sensor.... how much!

It's a stomach butterfly moment when a warning buzzer sounds on the engine control panel while out cruising especially when it's the overheating warning light that is on. All thoughts go through my mind as I pull in to lift the engine covers and assess the problem, hoping it's a minor  problem like a broken fan belt

On this occasion after doing all the usual checks I identified the temperature sensor was faulty. As we were in the middle of nowhere on the Stratford canal at the time I decided to enlist the help of an engineer to supply and fit for me.

I received this quote
I know Vetus parts are expensive but £96 for a sender seemed expensive. Short story is I got a genuine Vetus part from ASAP Supplies for £12.56. Which took me less than 2 minutes to fit.

New sender & adaptor

Sender fitted

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