Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Peace and quiet

Betty the outlaw's  time with us has come to an end, as she left her broomstick back in Somerset she went on an Easyjet flight from Almeria, Sue went with her to make sure she didn't return got home safely
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Before leaving for the airport we had breakfast with the Mojacar crew which has now swelled to eleven peeps. Betty enjoyed her winter break and although I joke at her expense on this blog, I enjoy her company very much, we will have more fun together on the boat during the summer no doubt.

Carrying on with my fitness regime -     Barry & Martin came along for the twin peaks challenge  climbing up and over the regular daily mound , along a dry river bed then up a second mountain to the summit.

Martin & Barry at the summit.

Mojacar in the distance

I had proper hiking footwear and walking poles, I still managed to slip a couple of times on the descent, landing on the floor once. Martin on the other hand was poleless in his 10 euro trainers from the local Euromarket, he was as agile and surefooted as a mountain goat !

It was four hour hike including a stop off at a beach cafe for refreshments.

We wait for the straggler

We found  Wilson  down on the shore.

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