Friday, 12 August 2016

Oxford canal

Yesterday was fleece weather for the first part of the day but things did improve a little.

Sue gets help at a Claydon lock.

Love the clutter at Clattercote Wharf.
Cropredy and the canal leading into the village were rammed with boats, not a mooring to be had for a mile or two either side of the village. We had no problem squeezing through as we had left it till late afternoon when most boats were moored up.

The reason for the congestion of course is the Fairport Convention Festival, Simon Nicol was on Radio 2 this morning saying that this will be the 40th consecutive festival, they started in 1976.

We moored below Slat Mill lock, we could hear the faint beat of Madness belting out 'One Step Beyond'.
Two miles from Cropredy 
Three abreast in places

Campers getting in the festival spirit.

Today has been a glorious day for a cruise as one towpath walker was happy to point out to us. We stopped in Banbury, I wanted to go to PC World, my Chrome book is 3 years old now and the screen keeps washing out in a pink shadow. They only had a choice of two neither I liked the look off, I'll look on Amazon. Quick trip into B&Q to replace the sanding block I dropped into the canal when emptying a bucket of water.

Hearth given some colour.

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