Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Monday - the weather took a turn for the worse at lunch time so the top coat I applied this morning was going to be my last for a while even though I had asked our friends on nb Moriarty to pick up some more paint for me on their way through Braunston.

The paint, Martin & Cathy duly arrived, we spent the evening playing board and card games, trying to beat the Cathy the Rummikub Master proved impossible.

Tuesday morning we headed off towards Braunston, skies were grey, a muggy day that drizzled on and off during this trip. Sue's rain jacket was on & off all trip as she dealt with the locks, I stayed dry on the stern under the umbrella.

Starting at Marston Doles we had nine locks to descend, boats coming up the flight made progress swift and in a couple of hours we were servicing the boat at the bottom of the flight by Folly Bridge.

We moored on Napton's visitor moorings, a meal and a pint in the Folly tonight, a reward for all the hard graft over the weekend.

Grey and warm.

Medieval ridge & furrow patterns in the fields.

The wonderful Water Buffalo at Napton Serengeti. 
Priors Hardwick Bridge.(123)

Bridge 122.

Plenty of help at locks today, Sue's jacket is off again.
Napton parish council logo.

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