Thursday, 4 August 2016


Away from Napton  cruising early, at Napton Junction the canal merges in to the Grand Union Canal till Braunston Turn, we weren't going that far today, we moored after bridge 103 Flecknoe farm is behind a high towpath hedge, opposite is the rolling farmland of Red House farm 

View from the hatch.
The paint brushes have been in use again, a different colour paint this time. The seat lockers in the cratch and the front bulkhead needed attention. My usual process was followed, a good going over with the orbital sander any stubborn rust areas then blitz with a paint stripping disc on a angle grinder, then hand rubbed with wet&dry paper. 

A coat of rust converter/ primer before an undercoat, when dry a gentle rub with wet& dry, I used 600 grit, dust wiped away with white spirit then the top coat applied.


The Homebrew boat pulled in with only Barry aboard, Sandra being away on granny duties, we haven't seen them since last year, so it was great to have a catch up with Barry over a couple of glasses of vino.
Barry leaving next day.

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Barry and Sandra said...

I miss all the fun! Sounds like you had a good catch up.

Hilarious you posting about painting your boat (and it's looking very smart) - then there's a photo of our rust-spotted hull! Over-due for blacking, fingers crossed we get the visa through and we can get a few things like that sorted.

Hope to see you both soon.

Much love
Sandra ;-)