Saturday, 14 February 2015

Six Nations

Tuseday we had a drive over to Bollington to meet up with Ray & Diane, we had a good laugh and a decent lunch in Sutton Hall, after lunch we went to The Spinners Arms for a quick pint with Paul & Sammy, Bombo stayed at home to look after Elaine. Later we popped into see Gordon & Dot for a nightcap and to present Gordon with a pair of 'Happy Pants' to compliment the Happy Hat he wears. It's nice to be back among our boating chums.

Today we have headed south to Twickenham to watch the England v Italy game in the six nations competition. England won 47-17.
Sue , Nikita and Andy
England team arriving at Twickenham.

Tomorrow we are heading west to meet up with Dot, Gordon, Paul, Elaine,Ray and Diane in a cottage in Cornwall.

Heard in the crowd behind us ; Wife "What Nationality is the ref ?" ...Husband "French" .... Wife "He doesn't look French" ... Husband.." What do you expect a ruddy Leprechaun sitting on his shoulder"

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Mike Gicquel said...

Are they riding in the bus or towing it?