Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lands End

We had a good day today with our Cornish tour guides Gordon & Dot, first we went to the Minack Theatre at Portcurra 

Minack Theatre


 Our guides took us to Lands Ends where we met one of their friends Eddie the Pirate who has a crafts studio (a  must visit if you are ever in the area)  he regaled us with stories and entertained with some neat magic tricks.

Sue & Eddie the pirate (Photo bombed by Gordon)

Sue receiving a piece a gem from the treasure chest.

Lands End.

Stop off for a drink.

On the way back to the house we stopped of at the Swordfish Inn (which was featured on the Ross Kemp show The Toughest Pubs in Britain ) this is where Dot & Gordon first met !, they were well received by the locals when we arrived chap shouting across the bar " Bloody 'ell, has your barge sunk".

I volunteered for wine monitor duties  for this evening.


Diane and Ray said...

A slightly faulty drink monitor as does not respond to the bell only Sue's impressive whistle

Andy said...

No one else complained. Your feeble dinger was not up to the job ;)