Thursday, 18 December 2014

Home for Christmas

We went off to Middlewich to purchase a few items from Kings Lock Chandlery they are agents for Vetus engines. I wanted two seals for the Vetus stern tube, unfortunately they don't supply the individual seals, but they do supply them in their housing assembly. Instead of a few pounds for the seals I ended up £96 out of pocket. Vetus parts are dammed expensive, I'll need to find a supplier of the seals for future maintenance. At the moment there is only about a tablespoon of drips at the end of a days cruising( the Vetus stern tube is supposed to be dripless). They can be replaced 'in situ' but I will do the job when FL comes out of the water to be blacked.

You get a large box for your money.

Yesterday I drained the coolant from the engine, skin tank and calorifier flushed them with fresh water and renewed with fresh antifreeze solution. While I was at it we drained the central heating system and renewed the antifreeze in that too. FL is now ready for what the winter can throw her way should be good to -42 !

We are going home tomorrow, leaving the car at Liverpool airport and getting an Easyjet flight to IOM it's cheaper than taking the car on the ferry, a lot quicker too. We will be back in time to see in the New Year at the Royal Exchange.

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