Saturday, 5 January 2013


Since giving up boating on the River Thames 15 years ago and moving to the Isle of Man for work reasons Sue and I (Andy} have always said we would like to move on to a  narrowboat when we retired, officially this date is still another 8 years away for me and a little more for Sue, but after a health scare for me  and redundancy for Sue in 2012 we hope to achieve our "dream" this year (the earlier the better).

For the last few years, we have looked at every boat in our price range and above on every boat brokerage web site on the net daily to see what is available and what would suit us. We have toured a few marinas too. I read lots of narrowboat blogs from wonderful liveaboard boat people every day (these are a great source of very useful information about the lifestyle, canals, boats, equipment, problems and friendship's made} Read all the canal magazines both hard copies and web-published

Betty and Sue
Unfortunately, Sue is away in Somerset to look after her mother who is having an operation. She will probably be away for a few months.

I will post about what should be included in our ideal boat  soon


Andy said...


One Thing After Another said...

Wow. Another IOM'er on a narrowboat? I was on IOM since I was 7 and moved to Manchester 4 years ago and have since ended up on a narrowboat?! And here I am reading of another ;) must have been being so close to the quay that did it;)

Andy said...

There must be at least one more IOM'er as we passed a NB named the Ben My Chree earlier this year.Love the name of your boat very apt for one of these vessels. We have a Rob the carpenter coming to do work on our boat soon....... Andy