Sunday, 6 January 2013

Boats we've owned

Most of our boating experience has been on the river Thames in fibreglass cruisers.

  1. Dutch-built Passat 21ft with outboard engine
  2. Freeman 22  with inboard petrol 105E engine (think Ford Anglia)
  3. Princess 32 with Volvo Penta petrol engine to stern drive
  4. Birchwood 33 GT  twin Ford  diesel engines
We love the Thames and we spent every weekend most evenings and all our holidays on the boats. 

We did toy with the idea of buying a steel dutch cruiser and live on the Thames but then we would be missing out on all those wonderful canals

We had a 20 foot fishing boat with a Mercedes diesel engine for a couple of years on the Isle of Man but didn't get a lot of use out of it because the mooring was a drying out harbour and when there was water under the boat the weather might be awful and when the weather was good I'd be at work or there'd be no water under the boat, or so it seemed.

Looking forward a narrowboat is the sensible option for us for sure.

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