Sunday, 3 July 2022

More cheese anyone

Finally got the crew back on the boat, so cruising could now finally get started. Nope, the first mate had booked tickets for the Love Cheese Live Food & Drink Festival at the Staffordshire Showgrounds at the weekend. 

But before that we helped our mate Gordon celebrate his Birthday

Lots of cheeses for the judges

Beer and cheese pairing.

The main hall.

We wandered around sampling cheese from different regions, my favorite cheeses are strong cheddars, blues, and Camembert (left out of the fridge for a few days). I expect I tasted at least 15 different varieties, don't tell my doctor.

We came away without purchasing any that we sampled, no fridge space you see, but a couple of Kantaifis made their way back to the boat with us. 

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