Monday, 20 June 2022

Wales to IOM TT

At the end of April, our daughter brought the Little Manxman over to see us and we rented a bungalow in Wales for a week.

Where has my sand castle gone, that will be global warming.

Getting to know a Welsh free ranger.

In May we went home for the TT festival, we enjoyed the bikes, atmosphere, the racing, Red Arrows and one evening we had tickets for a Pink Floyd tribute act (Pigs on the Wing)at the Villa Marina. 

The Red Arrows buzzed our house on the way to display in Douglas harbour.

I was out on my bike as often as I could, these days I can no longer endure the head down arse up wrist ache of a 150hp Fireblade(I'm nearer 70 than 60 now), this has been replaced by a sedate 47hp Honda 500X. The buzzy twin is great fun to ride and has a comfy riding position. Best of all I am getting an indicated 95.3 MPG.  

I keep off the course as much as is possible preferring to bimble along the backroads and lanes, I did do one lap of the TT course with a few other bikes in honour of all fallen bikers, especially for my old mate Ted who passed away in hospital last year. Ted had been a regular visitor at the TT and Manx GP in the past and enjoyed marshalling at Kepple gate.

German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish bikes are in the mix for the lap.

First day of practice.


Ballaugh bridge Senior race day

In between race days a quiet stroll around Sunset Lakes

I'm back on the boat now waiting for the first mate to return so we can get cruising.

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