Friday, 5 April 2019

Hoo Mill

Stayed put at Burston yesterday as the wind and rain hammered the steel. Today is dry, much better for standing at the tiller, wind has abated too.

Sandon lock was our first lock of the year and of this trip, there would be two more this cruise, the quaintly named Hoo Mill lock would be the last. We also used four small aqueducts although they go unnoticed, just small bridges that let small brooks or streams pass under the canal - an indication of the complexities of building these canals by the navvies of the day.

Another two hour cruise tomorrow will get us in position for the slip out at Stafford boat club on Sunday.

Weston lock.

Dam boards.

Once we have taken the turn off the Trent & Mersey on to the Staffs & Worcestershire two larger aqueducts take FL over the river Trent.

FL has just turned off the T&M canal.

A three hour seven mile cruise.

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