Monday, 1 April 2019

Changed your clocks?

We have been back aboard in the marina for a couple of weeks, the mediterranean sunshine seems yonks ago, rain and wind from named storms have battered the boat, but today is sunny and thoughts turn to a list of jobs I want to get done before we leave at the end of the March.

We had a boat full for the last day of the Six Nations Rugby, Wales (Roly) Scotland (Fergie) England (Me & Sue) and Ireland (Dot & Me) were represented. The Welsh contingent was a very happy man and a little bit wobbly on his way home a few feet away.

I rigged the 12v fuel pump from the spares box, a length of copper pipe, some tubing and cable/clips to drain the bottom of the fuel tank to test for water and the dreaded fuel bug, happy to report that the fuel is all clear.

Much easier with this and no chance of getting a mouthful of red diesel

My homemade tank drainer clips on to the starter battery. Copper pipe reaches to the tank bottom - clear hose to a suitable container.

The cratch board was rubbed down and accidentally painted with ebony ronseal that I use for the engine boards instead of the mahogany ronseal I would normally use. The cover had a coat of waterproofing too.

On a sunny Friday we had afternoon tea at Weston Hall, along with the usual sandwiches, cakes and scones they do a gentleman's afternoon tea which was excellent - no poncy sandwiches with their crusts removed.


Next week we set sail for Stafford to have FL hauled out of the water for blacking, it doesn't seem like two years have passed since we last had her out on the slip.

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