Friday, 28 September 2018

New box of cogs.

FL's mechanical Technodrive gearbox has always been a clunky beast when engaging forward or reverse, I have hankered after a hydraulic box for ages.

The drive plate had started to rattle and protest loudly over the past couple of months and needed changing.

As this requires the gearbox to be removed to get at it I decided to bite the bullet and get a PRM150 fitted at the same time. This type of box requires an oil cooler fitted into the engines cooling system too. The engine has to be lowered by 10mm to align it all.

I collected all the parts from Kings Lock chandlery, Charlie the engineer at Canal Cruising did the fitting.

New drive plate.

Hydraulic gearbox and oil cooler.

FL's wrecked drive plate. 

PRM fitted to bell housing

Gearbox fitted and working.

Gearbox oil cooler 
What a difference it has made to forward and reverse gear selection, now engages quietly with no clunkyness. 

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Richard said...

How have we missed you? called in to see Charlie today at Canal Cruising-and moved up to Barlaston-where are you?