Thursday, 27 July 2017

Pinkhill to Chimney

I volunteered (was sent) to the butcher in Eynsham, we have used him before and his meat was very good. It's a walk of just under an hour to get there through some sheep fields and footpaths. After the showery morning we just had I took my rain coat in a day sack just in case. 
Pinkhill mooring

When I arrived the damn place was shut, I took some photographic evidence in case I got accused of spending the time in the Talbot Inn. Still it was a pleasant walk and the rain stayed away until I got back aboard.

Before we moved on this morning this chap came along to raise his pots.

I thought the pots were kept to the side of the channel but this lad winched a line of them up from the centre, he knew what he was doing as they all had a good catch in all of them 

New Bridge... well it was in the 13C when it had  51 arches now down to 12
 Local History of the bridge here

Shifford lock

We are moored on the opposite bank to the hamlet of Chimney

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