Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Buddhist of the Sierra de la Filabres

Todays trek started after a drive to the quiet mountain village of La Serena literally translated as calm or peaceful.

After parking the car the first impression is of a time gone by when we contemplate the scene of an old woman doing her washing at the village fuenta (launderette aka fountain)

 Walking out of the village we use a well worn track used in the extraction of iron ore by a large scale 19th Century mining operation.

We did a circular route with one detour, which took us around three hours to complete.

It looks like a lot of effort went into flattening this piece of land to grow a few almond trees.

Perhaps an old smelter.

Rugged landscape

Roly and Barry

We detoured off the track and on to a tarmac road to take in a Buddhist temple high up in the Sierra de la Filabres.


You can see a couple of thin steel chimneys close by, the monks live in cave homes below.

Centre of picture is a new Buddhist retreat being built

Our most enjoyable walk to date - may do it again before we leave Spain.

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