Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Bed Post

The guys are  hill walking without me, my fitness regime is on hold, I've been struck down with the lurgy, what started out as debilitating man flu has now got a strangle hold on my lungs.

Here in Spain as well as being able to get my BP tablets over the counter without a prescription, you can oddly enough do the same with antibiotics, hopefully they will quicken my recovery.

Our friends Martin & Cathy are heading back to their boat on Monday booo!, - we will miss them, but our other boaty friends Gordon & Dot arrive on Monday - hoorah!, we are looking forward to catching up with them.

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Mike Gicquel said...

Commiserations, Andy. You should get yourself a flu jab next winter. I had a jab for the first time in November and had no trouble with flu. I got shingles instead.