Wednesday, 30 November 2016

You know..

.... when you leave home and forget to do something important and a little panic sets in- well it's always good to have a mate on hand to go check everything is in order.

When we left the boat I had forgotten  to tie down the boarding ladder/plank this is a lightweight aluminium jobby that would surely take off if a winter storm was coming in from an unfavourable position. Thanks Ray & Diane for securing it.

While in Spain I'm not neglecting FL, this week I have booked the slip at Stafford boat club for May to redo the blacking I last did in stone two years ago.

We seem drawn to spending time around harbours and boats.

We have now moved to accommodation that doesn't involve hiking up the side of a hill to get home. It's in a great location only 100 meters from the sea, its for sale click here . If we had the means we would definitely consider it.

1 comment:

Diane and Ray said...

No problems,we love our new ladder. Funnily yours was already gone xx