Saturday, 16 March 2013

Licence and Insurance

We have gone for the C.A.R.T (Canal and river trust) Gold license as this gives us the ability to use all the navigable waterways of England and Wales including those of the Environment Agency who run  the rivers Thames, Medway, Nene, Great Ouse and Stour. cost for a year running from Jan 01 to Dec 31  is £1098. and you don't get a discount for starting part way through the year.

Not that we will visit all the rivers this year but we are planning to spend some time on the Thames in July as our nephew is getting married in Windsor at the same venue as Charles and Camilla , so will be good to moor our home there while we attend then probably have a few weeks seeing how much the Thames has changed over the last 15 years since we were last boating there and maybe explore the river Wey.

Insurance quotes for the boat as a continuous cruiser (CC) as opposed to being  marina based is around the £200 mark, which is not at all bad for the value of the boat.

I'm expecting the lift out , survey and bottom blacking to be around £1200.

Only 6 weeks to go ...can't wait.

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