Saturday, 23 March 2013

The 'Tiller Girls'

We have decided we will go on a boat handling course, although we have 20 years experience on river cruisers we will be canal boat virgins and the tuition will do us both good . Handling a flat bottomed steel 58ft narrow boat is going to be a whole lot different to the characteristic's of a 34ft twin-engined keeled fibre glass cruiser.

Best we get some professional help and start of doing things correctly and safely, as Sue is going to be a tiller girl (remember those tap and kick dance routines at the London Palladium.Tiller Girls) it will give her more confidence and me a bit of lock wheeling know-how.

Will try and fit a handling course in a day or two before we take delivery of the boat.

Betty Boothroyd ex-speaker of the house of commons was a Tiller Girl in the '90s


Barry and Sandra said...

I've been thinking of a boat handling course too, especially as Barry will be leaving me 'alone' on 13th August for 4 to 12 weeks when he returns to NZ to apply for his UK visa. Have you found details of courses yet?

Great to read your blog, you must be buying a boat close to us, hope we catch up on the cut in the near future :-)

Andy said...

There is a gentleman on the Braunston Marina website that we are thinking of using. I will let you know how we get on.