Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Betty is doing fine and managing at home on her own. She has been offered chemo but has refused this as surgeons say they have removed the tumour and there are no secondaries present,why go through all the sickness Chemo would bring if it is not really necessary.

The cars alarm was fixed but it developed another problem, the battery keeps discharging ,so it is back in the garage having this sorted. We will put her up for sale when we get her back as we don't need two cars now Sue has stopped work probably sell the other one once we have settled into life on the canals too.

Just got to book the flights and car rental for our boat hunting expedition next week.


James said...

With you on that one Andy, we've just sold our car after it had spent the last year following us around the system getting very little use.

Andy said...

Yes cars are just too expensive to have sitting there "just in case" will be strange as I've owned a car of some sort since I was 17. I see you are continuing your journey tomorrow. We are very jealous but hopefully will find a boat soon. Good luck to you both.