Sunday, 3 February 2013


The hospital rang Betty yesterday to confirm an appointment for her chemo! That was a bit of a shock because as far as she was concerned the surgeon had told her he had removed all the cancerous bit and the scans had shown it hadn't migrated anywhere else. This has knocked both of them for six and they won't find out any more info till the 28th Feb.

On a lighter note, I watched England beat the Scots at rugby in the six nations competition yesterday.

Whilton Marine sent details of this boat today

but it uses Thinsulate as insulation which I think is unusual for a 2006 craft much prefer spray foam as (or so I believe from research) that it creates a moisture barrier. Have been on boats that use polystyrene Thinsulate and Rockwool and have noticed watermarks in the panelling where the slabs of polystyrene etc join.

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