Friday, 10 September 2021


Stopped in Norbury for a couple of days, we treated ourselves to dinner at the Junction Inn I had the Junction pie. 

We had a 07:30 to 08:30 slot booked for a Sunday Sainsbury delivery.

After the driver had trundled the groceries from the pub car park the 200yds to FL on his sack truck we set off for a four-mile cruise, stopping en-route at Gnosall to top the water tank.

We bagged a secluded mooring on pins {minus the Shroppie shelf}, lovely and quiet apart from the feathery tweets in the trees, the kingfisher splashing, ducks quacking, the cows lowing as they march to and from the milking sheds ...... and the sound of my angle grinder on the roof!

Turnover Bridge.

Oscote Barn Bridge.

Cowley Road Bridge.

View from the moo-ring.

Rye Hill Cutting Bridge

It only took 20 mins to get rid of the rust spots, I would never use the grinder if we had neighbours.

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