Saturday, 17 October 2020

Hanging up my mask.

FL has been winterised and left connected to the grid while we go home to spend time with our daughter and partner who are expecting their first baby. We are looking forward to meeting the little Manxman sometime at the end of this month. 

We booked a cabin on the 14:15 sailing from Heysham and relaxed for the three-hour journey.

Before we get home though we have to isolate for 14 days away from the family, isolation means isolation, no going out at all, even to the shops, a family friend has lent us an unoccupied house for this purpose. 

Social distance chat with Nikita & Tom

Life in the IOM is back to normal restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and gyms are all operating as normal, no need to social distance or wear masks - there are no cases of covid out in the community. 

The few cases that have been found are in those who have arrived on the island and are on their 14 day isolation period - a further extended period of isolation is then enforced.

The rules are rigorously enforced, at least a half dozen people have flouted the rules and ended up with a two/three-week jail term. The authorities will check up on us from time to time while we are in isolation, this usually takes the form of an official ringing our mobiles from outside the house and asking us to present ourselves at the window. 

You have to hand it to the government here their actions have got rid of the virus in the community, they closed the borders on the 27th of March by the end of May the island was covid free. 

At the moment only residents and key workers with permits are allowed to travel to the island. A safe environment for our grandson to enter the world.

Those socks don't work by the way.😞😒



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