Thursday, 2 April 2020

Exercise Cygnus

Its a mystery why the UK government didn't act on the findings of its own 2016 simulation of a pandemic  -Exercise Cygnus -.  The findings were so damming about the unpreparedness of the NHS  it was thought to horrendous to publish . Still they did nothing.

Today was to be the day we left the marina, instead with the restrictions on cruising we will stay put, it's not 'essential' we leave. We also can't go home as the IOM has closed ports and airports to residents as well as visitors.

Today the island had its first virus fatality, hopefully the restrictions will keep the deaths to a minimum.

Our daughter and her team of twenty have all been set up with IT equipment to work from home, I wonder if even after the world is clear of the virus that some firms will give up the expense of renting/owning office space in favour of a remote workforce.  Her boyfriends boss closed his firm down completely and laid all the staff off, it was an office refurbishment business.

Keep Safe.

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