Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Modification to FL's bum.

During our summer cruise, I noticed that there was vibration in drive at just above idle speed. I suspected the engine mounts were worn, I also noticed there was a bit of play in the cutlass bearing when I tugged on the prop through the weed hatch.

I had already had conversations last year with Peter at Canal Cruising in Stone, (my go-to outfit for engineering work) about changing the water-lubricated stern tube for a conventional grease-lubricated stuffing box.

It is a big job but one they have experience of doing, I have confidence in their workmanship so scheduled the work for last week.

Cutting out of the old cutlass bearing housing is required to fit the larger diameter shaft and bearing.

How it was, the Vetus shaft is 30mms diameter. The new shaft will be 1.5inches (38.1 mms) 

The hospital silencer and fuel filter were removed for access. The metal step was also cut off.

Propshaft and Vetus gland removed exposing the bearing housing.

Charlie cutting a hole in FL

Cutlass bearing cut out. 

Best not fill the dock yet. 

New stuffing box installed, using an alignment shaft.

Thrust plate welded in position and Python drive installed. I'll need to get in there and repaint the bilge.

The Python drive plate takes all the thrust from the prop this frees the engine mounts to just dampen engine vibes.

New propeller 
Filling the dock

One coat of Bilge paint.

All four engine mounts were replaced with HI-Hush items, a leaking flexible exhaust pipe was also renewed.


KevinTOO said...

Nice looking job :) Just grateful that you meant mm and not cm, looks like I'm not the only one that struggles with metric measurement ;)

Andy said...

Oops ... that would of been some shaft wouldn't it.