Thursday, 15 August 2019

Belloc's day.

After quite a few bridges and locks we are back where we were 2 months ago, at Pinkhill.  We will take a slow meander to Lechlade for the third time this year. It is simply gorgeous along this river and we never tire of it.

Culham Lock
At Sandford lock we had a two-hour wait as the hydraulics had failed, trapping a trip boat full of customers in the lock chamber until an engineer arrived. The locks on the Thames use vegetable oil in the hydraulics in case of leaks.

Port Meadow

"A man from the fifteenth century could walk along the river here and would hardly know that he had passed into a time other than his own" Hilaire Belloc (1907)

Apart from a few pillboxes, not a great deal has changed since Belloc's day.

Shifford Lock

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