Monday, 24 June 2019

Oxford to Lechlade ....Cuckoos and Curlews

13 June to 24 June

After all the rain we have had over the last week I was surprised to find FL listing when we got up in the morning. Took a bit off shoving to get her float again, I spoke to the Lockie at Pinkhill lock on our way through, he said there were three weir movements during the night, Farmoor reservoir pumps water from the river too. 

It was raining again, we parked on the 24h above the lock and moved around the corner to the meadow the following day, that will do for the weekend. The barn owl was about hunting each day, unusually we saw it at midday. 

Galley window scene.

Part of the walk into Eynsham

We moved from Pinkhill and headed for our favourite isolated mooring at Chimney meadow, only room for one 58ft boat here. We were awake early to the sound of cuckoos and curlews. I snapped away to capture a decent photo of both, but they were crap, much better to swipe descent images of the interweb.



These runners stopped for selfies with the poppies.

Muntjack spotted near Shifford lock.

Shifford lock
Tenfoot bridge is actually 12' 2".
Moored at Radcot

Teepee village all have wood burners  link

Coffee shop in a WW2 pillbox.
Grafton Lock.
Kelmscott mooring.
Kelmscott is a gem of an Oxford village, no shop or public transport but a good village pub. William Morris's Tudor home now a museum puts the village on the map.

The following day two locks and we are at Lechlade where we met up with friends who are camping close by. A great weekend of beer and barbeque at riverside and campsite.

Lechlade's church spire.

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