Friday, 2 November 2018

Shugborough ...

..mansion is a National Trust property we haven't visited before, we did stroll the grounds a few years ago before it became part of the NT's portfolio. 

It's only a short walk from our mooring at Great Haywood crossing over the Trent via the Grade 1 listed  Essex packhorse bridge.

We are usually more interested in what goes on downstairs (we know our place) than the grand upstairs rooms, which were paid for in part by George Anson's naval exploits plundering Spanish Treasure ships in the 1740s.

Front entrance


Folly built as a ruin.



The Aston silver

The Kitchen

The Laundry

Iron heater

Servants  hall.

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Carol said...

Great photos Sue, it's nice for me to see them since we've not been that way for quite a number of years now, so thank you.