Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Western Hall

From our mooring today we can see the imposing Elizabethan edifice that is Western Hall, it looks fabulous lit up after dark. 

Roly and I decided or were coerced into treating our lady's to an afternoon tea at the Hall. This meant the shorts and sandals I've been wearing all year would have to be changed for trousers and shoes - in my case, this would be jeans and trainers.  

Western Hall

The sandwiches were many and varied but so small - not the doorstep slices of bread with a good wedge of cheese that I might make myself - I like the crusts left on too. The cakes were heavenly so were the scones with cream and jam. We accepted the offer of more sandwiches, later we returned to the boat with boxes of cakes that couldn't be finished. A very different and enjoyable afternoon.

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