Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Locks , miles & boozers

We have kept FL attached to shore power in the marina. Since the last post we have slipped back into marina mode easily, water or power conservation is not required, outings to the pub with friends on a Friday and a car in the car park.

We've also had a couple of do's to attend, we had planned to cruise in between these events that needed FL tucked in safely while we left her for a few days, but the weather hasn't been friendly enough for us to leave the cosiness of the basin.

Halloween and Bonfire night have been and gone (do English kids still get taught about Guy Fawkes these days?), Christmas and New Year will whizz by the same way and winter will be in full swing, hopefully it won't be as hard as the weather 'experts' are predicting for those hardy boaters choosing to cruise that time of year.

So as we are not cruising I shall probably put the blog to bed unless anything interesting crops up.

Totals for year:

Miles 761
Locks 364
Diesel £391.91
Gas  2.5 x bottles = £70

Favourite pubs 2015:

  1. The Boat Inn - Gnosall
  2. The Greyhound - Hawkesbury Junction
  3. The White Horse - King Sutton
  4. The Swan - Fradley Junction
  5. The Trout Inn - Lechlade

Favourite Tipple 2015:

  1. Tatton Brewery Best
  2. Marston IPA
  3. Brakspear Bitter
  4. Joules Pale Ale
  5. Hydes Finest

56 pubs were visited all were waterside or village located.

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